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Restoring the Circle Conference 

A conference on Trans Youth Inclusion in Healthcare, Schools and Social Services organized and led by young trans and gender diverse people.


The conference will take place at Ryerson University on June 2 and I will be presenting with Diane Ehrensaft on "The Gender Affirming Care Model in Depth: What Affirming Care Really Looks Like."

Building Better Support for Young Trans People -

National Survey

Do you identify as trans or gender non-conforming? Are you between 14 years and 24 years old? Do you live in Canada?

Our Research Team: Two trans youth community educators, Kaeden Seburn and Keegan Prempeh, and Julie James, an assistant professor who has worked with young people for 20 years.

We are trying to understand how doctors, nurses, teachers, and youth workers can provide better care and we want to hear about your experiences and ideas for 

better care. This information will be used to help train service providers.

Some questions on the survey include:

· In an ideal world, what would you like gender affirmative health care services to look like?

· Where do talk about and/or think about

your gender identity that feels supportive?

For more information and to complete a short (10 to 30 minute) online survey, please visit the link below.

Participation on this study is voluntary. Your participation on this study is also anonymous.

To maintain your privacy, please do not post publicly in response to any questions or comments you may have. Instead, with any questions or comments, please contact: julie.james@ryerson.ca, Tel: 416-979-5000 Ext 4595. If you do reach out with questions, your information will be kept confidential, and any identifying information will not be recorded or kept.

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Ryerson REB 2019-017.

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