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Stop Assessing Us

STOP ASSESSING US - A Message From Trans Youth

STOP ASSESSING US is a resource for health and social service providers developed by trans youth. It discusses the experiences of trans youth accessing medical care and debunks common myths that they encounter. This information is essential for those who aim to provide gender affirming care to the trans youth in their practice. This resource was developed to be shared so please distribute it widely!

SAEFTY - Support and Education for Trans Youth

SAEFTY - Support and Education for Trans Youth

Ottawa's first and only by and for trans youth group. SAEFTY hosts events for Two Spirit, trans and gender diverse people of all ages and their families, on the first and third Saturday of each month. 

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Trans Youth Canada

Restoring the Circle: Trans Youth Symposium


On June 28th and 29th the Trans Youth Executive Steering Committee will be hosting a symposium for trans and gender diverse young people. The symposium seeks to gather young Trans people to build community with each other, engage in discussions about their needs, and to inform the development of services including health, education, and social services.  The young people will lead in the symposium and the service providers are invited to be active listeners and learners. Part of the symposium will have youth-only activities, service provider-only activities, and activities that bring these two groups together.

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