Stop Assessing Us

STOP ASSESSING US - A Message From Trans Youth

STOP ASSESSING US is a resource for health and social service providers developed by trans youth. It discusses the experiences of trans youth accessing medical care and debunks common myths that they encounter. This information is essential for those who aim to provide gender affirming care to the trans youth in their practice. This resource was developed to be shared so please distribute it widely!

SAEFTY - Support and Education for Trans Youth

SAEFTY - Support and Education for Trans Youth

Ottawa's first and only by and for trans youth group. SAEFTY hosts events for Two Spirit, trans and gender diverse people of all ages and their families, on the first and third Saturday of each month. 

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Trans Youth Canada

Trans Youth Canada is a youth-led website and resource. Find trans, Two-Spirit, gender diverse, and/or gender non-conforming youth-led research, resources for youth across Canda, a podcast series, artistic endeavours and creations, and frameworks of action for healthcare, schools, and social service to utilize in policy and practice. 


If you identify as trans, are between 14 and 24 years old, and live in Canada, please follow the link to take this short (15-20 minute) survey 


If you work with young people, please follow the link to take this short (15-20)  survey: 

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